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MAISONWhen should you call a moving company?

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If you’re moving home office for the first time, you probably have a ton of unanswered questions. Especially when calling a moving company. Several days in advance, is that enough? One week ? Two weeks ? We suggest that you book your movers at least 8two months before your move. And, if you need to organize an international move, then you should give your moving company even more time, three to four months minimum.

If you are moving locally, you can plan your move two to three weeks in advance . But, be aware, before you start planning and calling moving companies, that you’ll get a better price if you get there early. You can go through a  platform for your move to France , which will list all French companies and make your job easier.

Why is it so important to plan your move in advance?

The most important part of planning your move in advance is the benefits you will get as a customer. There are many benefits to planning your move as early as possible:

When you plan your move in advance, you have time to think about other aspects of your move, like packing.

You will get the best team of movers, safe and efficient delivery without delays. You will therefore not have to fall back on a default company, due to the lack of availability of other movers.

You will have time to compare a few moving companies , their services, prices, and customer reviews. Booking your movers in advance therefore means less stress for you!

How to choose a good moving date?

When considering which moving date is best for your move, consider a few benchmarks.

Instead, choose a date in low season if possible. You will get a less expensive of your goods (choose the date between September and May, avoid holidays and weekends). Note: Fridays are the weekdays most requested by customers, so avoid this day as much as possible.

Choosing a mover: When to call and what to ask

Moving is a major life event, but also one of the most stressful. Whether you’re planning a local move or a cross-country move, it’s a good idea to start planning a move as early as possible. Research a few companies  to quote for your move and take the time to compare offers.

A quality mover will help you build a moving plan that fits your needs and your budget. It is very important to do proper research if you want to avoid fraudulent movers. The goal is for you to be completely confident with the chosen movers and to feel comfortable moving your valuables.

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