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Home security measures that may backfire!

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Keeping your home secure and guaranteeing the safety of those within is something you cannot neglect, regardless of where you live or the sort of home you have. As a homeowner, it is your duty to take all reasonable steps to protect your house from burglars and criminals, but how can you be certain that your security measures will be effective? Here are some home security blunders to steer clear of to get you started:

Having door locks of inadequate quality

Lock snapping can happen to standard single, double, or thumb-turn cylinder locks. This implies that burglars can open the lock on your house extremely quickly and simply. Installing anti-snap locks or Chubb Window Locks is the best solution for this.

These locks, like those provided by London Locksmith, have undergone lock-breaking testing. The center of the cylinder will remain intact if force is applied to either side of it, protecting the locking mechanism and preventing forced entry. putting a backup key outside the home

While it would seem like a smart idea to hide a spare key behind a plant pot, on top of a car tire, or in an outhouse in case you get locked out, the chances of someone else finding it outweigh the potential benefits, right? Thieves-in-waiting is aware of the common locations to seek concealed extra keys, and if they do, they will have quick access to your property and be able to enter and exit without your knowledge.

Blind spots

Did you realize that the opposite of illuminating your garden may be what exterior security lights are actually doing? While static lights cast a bright light where they are focused, they can also leave areas of darkness in their wake, which makes it simpler for would-be burglars to approach your property covertly. The use of motion sensor lights, which turn on when they spot movement around your house, is an excellent substitute.

Placing valuables on display

Although your windows may be the best way to keep an eye on what is happening outside your house, keep in mind that they also provide a window for potential intruders to view inside.

Windows that are locked and kept up effectively help dissuade intruders.

Windows are crucial to the security of your home for a number of reasons, but the first is the most obvious. Before choosing a neighborhood to rob, many burglars canvas the area. Windows that are kept up well demonstrate that you take good care of your house and are committed to routine maintenance. Additionally, this may deter would-be burglars from targeting your home.

Next, it demonstrates that your windows are secure if you have clear and noticeable window locks. Although a thief might be able to open this lock or the window frame itself, doing so would require a lot more effort. They’ll probably pick a different home instead.

Why choose Chubb Window Locks?

Chubb has been producing locks since the early nineteenth century. Since then, deadlocks have come to be associated with their locks. They have no latch and can only be opened with a key. Because potential intruders cannot just reach in through a shattered window and turn the latch to gain entry, these locks offer extra security.

The 5-lever British Standard mortice lock that Chubb supplies satisfies the standards of the majority of insurance companies since it is strong, resists lock picking and has anti-drill plates. By investing in a Chubb mortice lock, you can secure your house to an insurance-approved level with just one installation. Chubb locks are a dependable and practical solution to keep your home lock and secure round-the-clock.

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