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Five Ways You Can Use Fibre Boards in Your Modern Bed Ideas

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When it comes to constructing or renovating your home, we often give much focus to the living room. However, equal consideration must be given to bedrooms. Most of us will agree that we spend most of our time in our bedroom. So, why not give significant effort and time when designing your bedroom? We all have some dream bedroom designed in our thoughts or if not dream bedroom, we somewhere know how exactly we want our bedroom to look.

Nowadays, many people prefer modern bed ideas which can match their thoughts and satisfy their needs. There are numerous modern bed ideas available online in the form of images or videos. But, when designing a bedroom, you should not compromise when it comes to bed.

When purchasing a modern bed, people consider a few things, and all those considerations can be fulfilled by implementing fibre boards in the bed. These types of boards can make your bed a luxurious one within your budget. And there are also different ways to use fiber boards in your modern bedroom ideas.

Yes, you read it right! Fiber boards can be used in many ways for your modern bedroom design. But, before knowing how. Let’s first know what fibre boards are.

What are fibre boards?

Fiberboards are engineered wood boards that are made up of wood chips, plant fibre, some softwood materials, and other recycled materials. The process of making a fiberboard is a long procedure. After collecting all materials it’s chopped into pieces and mill them into wood pulp, during this process adhesive is included followed by heating and drying treatment. That’s how fiberboards are made. 

Most of the time, fibre boards are mistaken for particle boards. However, they are different from each other.

There are 3 diverse versions of fiberboard:

  • Low-density fiberboard (LDF) or particle board
  • High-density fiberboard (HDF)
  • Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) 

Out of all three types, medium-density fiberboard (MDF) has the most advantages over the other two. The reason is its smooth texture, less chance of tearing, and strong from all edges.

Advantages of Fiberboard:

  1. Lightweight and easy to carry
  2. Can hold paint and layering very nicely
  3. Environmentally friendly
  4. Durable and sustainable 

Let’s proceed to know 5 different ideas to use fiberboards in your modern bedroom.

1. Wall decor-

Your bedroom can look so much better when it has some decorative items hanging on the walls. Fiberboards or to be more specific, MDF can be used to style your bedroom walls. By the use of MDF, you can create storage space like drawers.

2. Bed panelling-

There is no denying how advantageous it is to use fibre boards for bed panelling. It makes the best, smooth bed design. Because of the flexibility of boards, various designs can be included like overlay, styled, and flat designs.

3. Fibre cement boards for bedroom ideas –

FCBs are easy to work on because of their flexibility, durability, and environmentally friendly nature. However, that doesn’t mean that cementboards are only suitable for exterior design. It’s ideal for interior work as well.

4. Room divider-

By cutting fiberboard into any shape or size, it can be used as a room divider to add a classic look to the room without getting the feeling of reducing the size of your bedroom. Using fibre boards as a room divider can also be customized as per requirement and looks elegant.

5. To add storage in your bedroom-

We all want things to be in the right place or organized manner. Built-in shelves can be created by using fibre boards. To get the best space in your bedroom, add a rolling shelf under the bed with the help of MDF.


Fiber boards can help you a lot in so many ways. Now, you know the various uses of fiber boards and fibre cement boards. Century Ply can assist you to complete your ideal dream bedroom into reality with fibre boards. Century Ply has a wide variety of fiber boards that can be best for your bedroom.

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