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Easy Tips on How to Style Your Coffee Table

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Let’s pay kudos to the coffee table, which is the unsung hero of the living room and the focal point of everyone’s attention. Given that it serves as the room’s centre point, you should take special care to ensure that it is always tastefully decorated and never seems dull. However, you’ll need more than you would imagine to style a coffee table. Continue reading on to learn how to style a coffee table following its particular shape and size, as well as tips on how to design a coffee table.

Begin with the main piece (or pieces).

You will always place a huge grounding piece on top of your coffee table, followed by other decorative objects. This will remain true regardless of the shape of your coffee table. It may be a tray, a plant, a flower arrangement, or even some coffee table books (or all of these things, if there’s enough room!). No matter the object, you want to ensure it doesn’t take over the coffee table or make it look too empty. When placed on a large coffee table, a tray that is quite small looks awkward and out of place, but don’t forget to provide some breathing area between the parts! If there is too much material or it is not positioned decently, it may give the impression of being messy.

Explore different heights.

You may give your coffee table some depth and aesthetic appeal by decorating it with items that range in height from low to high. This may be accomplished, for instance, by decorating the space with vases, plants, a decorative item, and stacks of books. It’s helpful that vases sold in sets almost always come in various sizes, both in height and breadth. When decorating a coffee table, it’s crucial to include various elements that vary in size, texture, and colour. Instead of being flat and one-dimensional, a table with sculptural features will appear rounded out, staggered, and effortless.

Strive to strike a balance.

When it comes to design and decorating, symmetry is essential, but with round, square, and rectangular coffee tables, achieving symmetry is vital and simple. From various perspectives, stacks of books always appear to be balanced. Try placing a long tray next to two piles of books instead of just one. You can display anything in the tray, including a vase, a potted plant, flowers, decorative objects, and up to three candle holders or vases.

Partition the available surface area.

It could appear more challenging to decorate a Singapore round coffee table than a square or rectangular one. However, here is some advice that can help you dress like an interior designer: The most straightforward method for decorating a circular coffee table is to cut the circle in half and work on each half. This method also applies to styling a rectangle or square coffee table. Use the advice presented before, but arrange each side differently by arranging your pieces in appealing groups. Remember to leave enough room on your coffee table to remain used when removing the display.

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