Foundation repair

Foundation repair

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The foundation is the skeleton of your home, business or institution. Indeed, it anchors the building on the ground and influences all the solidity or the stability of a structure. It is for this reason that the slightest crack in a foundation is potentially damaging to a structure . This can be caused by freezing / thawing, the weight of snow, a foundation that is poorly suited to the type of terrain, poor quality mortar or inadequate water drainage.

Fortunately, EMD Construction has the expertise to quickly and efficiently repair your stone or concrete block foundation .

It is important to pay attention to the different signs that indicate problems in your masonry foundation. In order to prevent any deterioration, it is recommended to inspect your foundation once or twice a year . Among the main elements to watch out for are water entering the cellar or basement, trees or vegetation growing too close to the foundation, doors and windows that are difficult to open (or too easily), rocks that crumble or cracks in the floor.

In order to prevent such situations and avoid foundation cracks , you can use a dehumidifier in the basement, heat your house well and call a mason immediately if you notice cracks .

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2 types of cracks to watch out for in your foundation

foundation, foundation repair, Entreprises Md Construction

First of all, we find the active cracks , which are the most dangerous for the structures. Indeed, their name indicates that these foundations are not stabilized. In other words, they can still degrade your building. And if nothing is done, they can cause water infiltration or even worse, the collapse of the building.

Active cracks are often the cause of poor soil quality (especially clay soil), freezing/thawing, inadequate drainage, or poorly compacted material.

Then there are the passive cracks . They are considered “less serious”, since they do not affect the structure of the buildings. Indeed, this type of cracks has reached its mature stage, that is to say that they no longer pose a danger to the solidity of your structure. However, it is still important to repair the joints, since water infiltration remains possible.

An exceptional foundation repair

See for yourself how a solid foundation can change the look of your structure, in addition to ensuring its solidity and stability. The spandrels and lintels of this residential building had cracked due to an unstable foundation. Significant foundation work was thus carried out.

Bricklayer-mason since 2004, Martin Duchesne, founder of Entreprises MD Construction, has the know-how to carry out exceptional foundation repairs. From the evaluation to the finish , you will count on an attentive and meticulous service, which pays attention to the smallest detail to ensure the durability of your home, your business or your institution. The technique he uses to repair your foundation has proven itself with hundreds of satisfied customers.

This technique remains the same, both for stone and for concrete blocks. The EMD Construction team first supports the floors, proceeding by section to ensure that everything remains stable. Subsequently, it becomes easier to dismantle and reassemble the rubble, cut stone or concrete block foundation.

Sometimes you have to redo the entire foundation. At that point, the team will develop a specific action plan to guide you to the right steps. In addition to repairing your foundation, you can count on a range of masonry services to help you rest easy.

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