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How far in advance should you book movers?

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You have decided to move , to obtain a larger apartment without an elevator. Or you move out of town to a bigger house. Or maybe it’s time to downsize and go somewhere warmer. You may have already found accommodation or are in the process of planning it. Either way, it is important to factor into the planning process when you need to book the moving services.

Mark your calendar and work backwards to book your move

If you’ve already signed a rental agreement or are about to complete a home purchase, consider the expected move-in date when planning to book movers . If you’re moving locally, it’s best to book a moving company at least two months before the move-in date. This of course depends on the time of year. Summer is when most people move, so if you plan to do the same, book even earlier than two months in advance. If you already know you’ll be moving months in advance, start getting quotes and booking movers.

Why booking movers in advance is the best solution?

You will get better rates if you book well in advance. If you wait a few weeks or even a month, you may end up paying more or settling for a second-rate company to help you move. Think about it: More than 40 million people move to , on average, each year, and it’s estimated that 80% of those moves take place during peak moving season, which runs between April and September. The demand for movers during this season is quite high, especially during the busiest months of June, July and August. Also keep in mind that in May and August, students move in and out of their dorm rooms.

Note: Weekends are busier moving times than during the week. If you book well in advance, you can choose a day of the week and try to get better rates from the company of Déménagement Bruxelles of your choice.

Booking a local move

If your move is local, meaning it’s to a nearby town or a new neighborhood in the same town, you may have more flexibility in booking movers. But it’s always wise to book about three weeks in advance if you plan to move during the summer. If the move is out of season, also try to book early so you have more options and aren’t limited.

Book an intrastate move

If you’re staying in the same state but moving to another city, try to book movers at least three months in advance, if possible. In-state moves generally require at least a full day. Remember that the summer period fills up quickly. If the move takes place out of season, a reservation two months in advance may be sufficient. But the earlier you book, the better.

The size of your move matters

In addition to the distance to be covered and the date of the move , the size of your move also plays a role in deciding when you should book movers. If you’re moving a one-bedroom apartment rather than a four-bedroom house, the move won’t be as time-consuming and labor-intensive. Also think about the type of objects and furniture you will be moving. If you have heavy or valuable items, such as a piano or artwork, make sure you have the right movers for this type of move and book well in advance.

What additional moving services would you like?

To determine how far in advance you should book your movers, consider the type of services you want. Do you want the movers to help you pack your house and then unpack it? If so, it involves additional time and manpower. Will the movers disassemble and assemble the furniture? Again, this involves more people and time. Will additional stops be made as part of the move, for example to retrieve items from a storage unit ? Consider these additional services, not only to get a moving quote, but also to book the move early enough to meet the move-in date.

Also be sure to consider unforeseen events that may impact your move, such as bad weather. Give yourself leeway when planning your move and booking movers, so you get the company you want when you want it and don’t be stressed out on moving day.

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