Wasp Control Methods

Wasp Control Methods To Check Out in 2024

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Are you planning for your summer vacation but afraid of wasp infestations? It is a fact that wasps can ruin your house, yards, and workplace. Wasps can be a real threat to your family, especially kids and old folks. It is important to know some wasp control methods. This is where Pointe Pest Control emerges and shines with its complete knowledge of wasp control methods. In this blog, you will learn various methods to control wasp infestations.

Various wasp control methods are:

Here are a few wasp control methods to try. 

Natural remedies

There are several methods to control wasp control; however, one of the most cost-effective ways to deter wasps is using natural remedies like mint, basil, and many other herbs. Other natural remedies like vinegar, peppermint oil, and citrus can destroy all the wasps without affecting your environment. Using natural remedies can be more accessible with less chemical exposure. 

Close all the entry points

When you are trying to deter the wasps, make sure the first thing you do is close all the entry points where they can welcome themselves. They can enter from every single gap, hole, and crack. Seal all these entry points so that they do not increase and make their territory.

Maintain cleanliness

Maintaining cleanliness also supports minimizing the number of wasps. When you clean your house, there will be no trace of dirt or dust; this will prevent the wasps from invading your home and making their territory. Wasps are more likely to invade from attics and sheds, so make sure to keep those places clean. 

Reduce food sources

Mostly, wasps are attracted to food. Therefore, after eating your meal, make sure you clean all the food crumbs. Do not leave any food containers open. Wasps get lured toward sugary items and high-protein foods. Moreover, not only must you keep your house free from spilled food, but you must also keep your lawn and yard clean. 

Use traps

If wasps have already made your house, yard, or workplace their territory, the only option you have is to get rid of the old ones and prevent the invasion of the new ones. Therefore, you can use some trap devices that can lure the wasps towards it and dispose of them. Not only will it get rid of the old ones, but it will also control the growth of new ones.

Hire a professional team.

This is the last option in case nothing works. You should hire a professional pest control team to clean up all the wasps. With their high experience, they will know all the corners and hidden places in your house where they can build their shelters. In addition, they will provide you with some beneficial instructions that you must follow to keep your place wasp-free.

Contact a professional team today!

Contacting a professional lawyer who is experienced in controlling pests will save you all the hassle you’ll go through by doing it alone. Therefore, it’s strongly suggested that if you are having any kind of trouble with wasp control, consider hiring a professional pest control team.

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