Rat Infestation

A Comprehensive Guide For Rat Infestation

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Rat infestation is a common issue among homeowners since these tiny creatures use the smallest hole to flexibly enter your house. However, their presence is not only unpleasant, but it also puts your health and your precious furniture at risk. 

Therefore, it becomes essential to get rid of them, and you can do this the fastest way by contacting a professional Plano pest control company. While DIY methods will provide temporary fixes, you can speak to a professional and find a permanent solution to wave goodbye to them for life!

Signs of Rat Infestation

Chipped wood

If you find small pieces of wood and chipped furniture in your house, then your house is infested by rats since rats are prone to damage the wooden material around your house along with electrical cords and plugs.

Rat urine 

When you clean your house and find small black pellets dropping around, then it is a clear sign of rat infestation. You will always find urine and rats dropping all around the corners of your house and under your furniture if rats have taken shelter in your house.

Smell and weird noises

If you are constantly hearing weird noises from your storeroom or finding things thrown down in the dark areas of your house, then this is a sign of rat infestation. Additionally, you will find a weird smell around the house, something like ammonia.

How Do I Get Rid of Rats In My House?

Use traps

Using Rat traps is the easiest way to get rid of the rats running around your house. These are helpful if the rats are visible around the house, so you can keep snap traps and live traps to the areas where they roam around to catch them and take them away from your house.  

Fill the cracks and holes in your house

Cracks and holes around your house provide retrace to these tiny creatures who eventually settle in your house causing damage to your property. These tiny creatures build small canals to go outside your house and come in again for food. Therefore, block all these pathways for rats by filling holes and cracks with plaster and using chalk around the potential entrances. Also, seal the areas around the sink, pipes, and vents using copper mesh.

Use rat repellent 

There are many natural rat repellents you can find in your kitchen, including vinegar, peppermint oil, etc. You can mix them with water or use them directly in the corners of your furniture and places where you find rats. However, if this does not help, then get professional help to get rid of these tiny creatures using pest chemicals.

Avoid feeding them

Rats feed on the leftovers around the garbage area and find your house favorable to shelter. Therefore, protect the garbage cans with lids and avoid throwing small pieces of food around the kitchen. Additionally, keep the food in air-tight containers also, avoid keeping dishes in the sink the whole night, and remove standing water in your kitchen sink to avoid attracting rats.

If you want a permanent solution, make sure to get in touch with a professional pest control service!

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