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The Importance of an Aircon Chemical Wash

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Everyone knows that if they possess an air conditioner, they must periodically clean and repair it to prevent larger air conditioning issues. To save money and extend the life of your air conditioner, you must periodically clean and maintain it.

When it comes to air conditioner cleaning and maintenance, you have several alternatives. Air conditioning chemical wash is one such solution. In this post, we will explain why chemical washing your aircon is essential. We will also cover the indications that your air conditioner needs to be chemically cleaned.

Why is Air Conditioner Chemical Wash Important?

During operation, an air conditioner is destined to collect all types of dirt and debris in its many components. This debris can produce obstructions and jams in the air conditioner, affecting its cooling ability. If these obstructions are not removed and continue to accumulate, your air conditioner may break down.

Given Singapore’s tropical climate, it is even possible for mould, mildew, and bacteria to develop on the cooling unit. These germs and mould spores might enter the room via the air conditioner. These microorganisms provide a health risk, particularly to those with respiratory difficulties and allergies, youngsters, the elderly, and weakened immune systems.

For everyone’s health and the air conditioner’s longevity, it is crucial to rid your air conditioner of any such bacteria and grime. Nevertheless, while routine maintenance can help prevent such issues, some problems cannot be resolved with routine maintenance. In this case, a chemical wash is necessary. It aids in the complete cleaning and maintenance of the air conditioner, restoring it to like-new condition and optimising its performance.

Due to the complexity and technical nature of an air conditioning chemical cleaning, you cannot perform it on your own. Instead, you must pick a qualified business that will complete the task in the most effective manner possible.

How to determine if your air conditioner needs a chemical wash?

Depending on how often you use your air conditioner, you may be able to determine if it needs a chemical cleaning by observing certain signs. Listed below are some of these indications and symptoms:

  • The air conditioner now requires significantly more time to chill the same space as it did previously.
  • Your air conditioner is noisier than normal, particularly during the initial few minutes of operation.
  • You detect a foul or unpleasant odour emanating from the air conditioner while operating, which was not present previously.
  • If your air conditioner begins to leak water or liquid from any of its components, a chemical cleaning may be necessary.
  • If your power costs have increased in the past, it may be because your air conditioner is working harder than normal. Thus, a chemical cleaning is required to maintain its best performance.

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