Modern Victorian Interior Design

Beginner’s Guide to a Modern Victorian Interior Design

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The appearance known as “modern Victorian” is achieved by fusing the fashion of the Victorian era with the furnishings and accessories of the present day. And it’s all up to the individual! You get to decide which aspects of Victorian decoration you wish to merge with contemporary aspects of the space.

The following are some tips on how to embody modern Victorian interior design in Singapore.

The old must go, and the new must come in its place.

The key to achieving the look of a modern Victorian interior is to create a room that is both contemporary and incorporates features of Victorian interior design that you find appealing. Since the design of the Victorian era was all about drama, you might want to incorporate some of it into your space. For example, imagine a chair that looks like it came from a factory, a piece of abstract art placed next to a sparkling chandelier, and a fireplace made of marble.

Colours, colours, and more colours everywhere.

If you’re the sort of person who thinks white is the ideal colour, we encourage you to experiment with working with more saturated colours. Try combining one or two of these rich colours with neutral or lighter hues if you find that Victorian homes’ great and rich colour palette is too much for you. What do you think of pairing a statement wall painted in a deep blue with light wood furniture and a sofa in a creamy colour? Try new things, and don’t be scared to fail!

The importance of textures and patterns cannot be overstated.

Textures and patterns will add so much to your area since Victorian interior design emphasises that more is better. Fabrics with fringe, velvets, marble, tufting, and wood are among the most popular textures. In addition, walls, upholstery, and curtains frequently include patterned designs, including plaids, stripes, flowers, and dasasks. Other common pattern types include checkers and polka dots. Any of these textures’ weightiness can be balanced using metal embellishments.

Lighting is of the utmost importance.

Because you may be employing vibrant colours in your design, selecting the appropriate lighting is essential to preventing the space from giving the impression that it is too gloomy. In this design, lighting fixtures are also considered essential elements. Consider hanging an antique chandelier in the room if the furniture is more contemporary in feel. If the space has a strong Victorian vibe, you might opt for a light with a more modern aesthetic.

Accessorize & you’re done!

The careful attention to detail that was typical of Victorian-era architecture and interior design should also characterise your contemporary interpretation of this style. The secret to success in this kind of style is to have a lot of accessories, but not too many, and to constantly blend vintage and modern pieces. For example, the ideal equilibrium may be achieved by placing a light made of brass next to several fringed and lace cushions on top of a burgundy rug.

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